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2021 Organic Aquaculture Summer Internship Program (Hong Kong)

2021 Organic Aquaculture Summer Internship Program (Hong Kong)

The “Organic Aquaculture Summer Internship Program” of the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center aims to allow tertiary students to participate in the daily operation of the organic aquaculture industry from production to sales and the organic certification management system to deepen their knowledge and interest in the industry;  For the sustainable development of the industry to train a new generation of aspiring to engage in by learning practical technology, further enhance the professional image and cultivate professional talent to inherit traditional technology. Applicants will participate in an 8-week internship and learn about the current local aquaculture through a series of related courses and activities. The content including field experience of daily organic aquacultural operations, knowledge of aquaculture’s organic certification system, breeding technology workshops; fishpond ecological guide skills and species identification, etc.

Organizer: Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre

Supporter: Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund

Locations: Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre and Local Organic Certified Aquaculture

Date: Late June to August 2021

 Target: Full-time tertiary students (Major in Biology, Marine Biology, Geography, Education, Environmental Science, Tourism will be an advantage)

Quota: 5 Persons

Deadline for application: 17 of April 2021

Apply Now: Online application (

Successfully completing the internship program, students will be appointed as “Organic Aquatic Pioneers” to assist the company in promoting organic aquaculture.

All students who complete the internship program and meet the assessment criteria will each receive an “Organic Aquatic Pioneer” certificate and transportation allowance. Outstanding interns will also receive a scholarship of $9,000 (including $4,000 and an overseas aquaculture survey organized by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center, which is worth about $5,000).

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