Organic Certification Seals

The ORC-Cert awards certificates of organic certification to the producers and processors that meet the ‘ORC-Cert – Organic Production, Aquaculture, Processing and Input Manufacturing Standard’. With verification and confirmation by our Certification Board, certified operations can be authorized to apply the ‘ORC-Cert Organic Seals’ on their products, and need to comply with the requirements stipulated in our ‘Standard’. Organic units certified by ORC-Cert should paste dedicated certification seals on their products in accordance with relevant requirements in the Standards. The seals have been registered at the Intellectual Property of Hong Kong as trademarks. The seals are comprised of patterns, together with Chinese and English characters.

Since ORC-Cert has been accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), the organic certification seal has been replaced by a new seal consists of IFOAM logo since April 2013. The new seal is issued by IFOAM, which demonstrates the accreditation status of a certification body, guarantees certification process is regulated by an independent international organization, and ensure certification qualification has reached international standard.

There are three types of ‘ORC-Cert Organic Seal’:

NON-IFOAM Organic Seals

IFOAM Organic Seals

With the identification of the seals, consumer can distinguish the organic products certified by ORC-Cert in the market easily. Please access our List of Certified Operations Operations to enquire about the products of a specific certified farm or processor.