Material Listing

  Steps Remarks
1 Applicants for material listing should fill in the application form and submit together with relevant documents and application fee to HKORC-Cert.
  • Application fee of HK$3,000
  • Relevant information include but not limited to:
    1. Information about approved status of the product and certifier whom certified the product
    2. Percentage of each ingredient within the product
    3. Testing about the toxicology, heavy metal content, nutrient level and microbial counts
    4. Other relevant testing reports (e.g. genetically modified or not)
    5. Production flowchart
    6. Other relevant information (according to the nature of product)
2 HKORC-Cert reviews the information submitted and conducts the risk assessments.
  • Supplementary information should be provided within one month as requested by HKORC-Cert
3 For commercially produced farm input materials (such as fertilizers and pesticides), HKORC-Cert will take samples at the applicant’s warehouse for chemical analysis.
  • Testing fee will be charged according to the quotation concerned. The applicant is liable for relevant cost.
4 If necessary, an inspector will be appointed for an on-site inspection.
  • Applicant is financially responsible for inspection fees and related costs.
5 HKORC-Cert reviews the test reports and other documentation submitted to ensure the product complies with the standard.  
6 Upon thorough checking with standard and the product is found to comply with the standard, HKORC-Cert will issue a letter to applicant notifying its approved use while the validity is one year. Information of the approved products will be updated on the website of HKORC-Cert under the title ‘List of Approved Material’ for reference by certified units and public.
  • Within the one-year validity period, HKORC-Cert reserves the right to spot-check the approved products. The product will be removed immediately from the list if any non-compliance is confirmed.
7 Applicants are required to submit application form, relevant information and application fee annually if they wish to maintain their products to be listed on the ‘List of Approved Material’.