Company Background

Established in 2002, “Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification Limited” (abbreviated as “HKORC-Cert”) is the only independent incorporated third party organic certification agent in Hong Kong. It is managed by “Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre” (abbreviated as “HKORC”), providing certification services for the agriculture, fisheries and processing sector in Hong Kong. It has certified more than 130 organic farms, aquafarms, and food processing plants since its establishment. ORC-Cert actively promotes organic development in Hong Kong and collaborates with the industry, formulates Organic Production, Aquaculture and Processing Standards, and provides professional organic certification services. ORC-Cert was accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) in 2012, which means its certification work reaches international standard.

Main Duties of ORC-Cert:

  • Establishment of a local organic production and processing standard and a certification system
  • Development and management of “Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification Limited – Hong Kong Organic Production and Processing Standard”
  • Processing of applications for organic certification
  • Award of certificates to organic production that are operated in accordance with the standard
  • Monitoring and management of the use of ORC-Cert organic certification seals

Company milestone