Organizational Structure

“Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification Limited” (abbreviated as “HKORC-Cert”) is an independent incorporated certification agent managed by “Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre” (abbreviated as “HKORC”).

The ORC-Cert is comprised of Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Certification Board, The Standard Board and Office Staff. Members of the Board of Directors come from HKORC Governing Board. The Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the organic standards and certification system formulated or revised by the Standard Board and the Certification Board. It also serves as the body for final appeal of certification decisions.

The Certification Board is consisted of farmer, retailers, environmentalists/ scientists, consumers, government, worthy personages and HKORC co-organizers. The Board is responsible for the formulation or revision of the certification system applicable to Hong Kong. Furthermore, the Certification Board, based on the ‘ORC Cert-Organic Production and Processing Standard’, assesses organic farming and processing operations for conformance with the standard and makes decisions about their certification status.

The Executive Committeeis made up of a representative from HKORC Director and Centre Manager. It is responsible for managing HKORC-Cert staff to execute the entire system in order to establish an organic-related web-database for providing relevant information to public.

委員名單 Board Members List

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